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Monica Myers, Lifesavers Life Coach

I specialize in providing
personalized life coaching for
Frontline Healthcare Professionals

During my many years working in ER and urgent care, I often felt it was only through brute strength that I would keep my world from collapsing.

I understand what it is like to be in the river of misery, feeling like I was drowning, unable to come up for air.

I’ve experienced the emptiness of  giving to everyone and having nothing left for myself.

I’ve felt the enormous stress and pressure that comes with providing care as a frontline worker.

We speak the same language and I’m here to listen to you.

Dr. Tracey O’Connell states in her blog of the same name Tracey O’Connell:

“Coaching by health care workers, for health care workers, who are trained and certified to be coaches, is the untapped and underutilized resource for providing the skills to heal our broken culture. By first and foremost healing ourselves, coaching has the potential to radically transform medical training and all of our experiences in health care. The universal need for help, is to have such professionals integrated into all aspects of medical training and careers”

Don’t let burnout or overwhelm get the best of you

You’re here. This IS YOUR time.

YES… you can experience renewed empowerment, mental resilience and an inner peace.

YES… all this while working within the chaotic medical environment.

I have the understanding, tools, and skills to coach you through your specific challenges as a healthcare provider and as a complex adult.

Why not start now?

I’m available and I would like to hear your story.
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