Who Else is Emotionally Exhausted??

Who Else is Emotionally Exhausted??

Who in October of 2021 is feeling emotional exhaustion???
Covid, vaccines, staffing shortages in healthcare, fires, earthquakes, floods, a divided country on every possible issue is it any wonder that the majority of humanity is emotionally exhausted?
Those in healthcare carry a heavy burden, are suffering, and many are at the breaking point.
I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of this exhaustion.
At this point, I am willing to try anything to get some relief.
 Before I get to the breaking point, I have a thought I like to try on.
With this thought, I can loosen up the emotional exhaustion.
I look at the circumstance from a different lens to see if I can develop a new perspective and relieve the difficult and unwanted feelings.
The thought is, “what if nothing has gone wrong?”
What if everything that is happening is supposed to be happening?
Then I ask myself, “How do you know it was supposed to have happened?”
I then answer myself, “well, that is because it did happen.”
Life is supposed to be good and bad, happy and sad, perfect and terrible.
Without the down, we would not know the ups.
I am not saying this because I have had a Polly Anna life.
Not because I enjoy the terrible things.
I have had my share of difficulties.
I have witnessed tragedies.
But taking a step back to realize that no one has a perfect, trouble-free life helps me recognize that I am no different from anyone else.
No one escapes the lifeness of life.    
When we stop fighting reality and let go of the thought that something has gone wrong, we can eliminate a lot of our suffering.
Removing the pain about the pain, stop resisting and avoiding, is when we stop being mad and upset, we can get some relief from the exhaustion. 

When we stop focusing on the circumstances and start focusing on what we can control, which is ourselves and how we show up in the situation, we finally get some relief from our exhaustion.

This refocusing definitely takes practice, but by implementing simple tools, you can achieve great relief.
Try it.
It can’t feel any worse than what you are currently experiencing now.  
And you might actually start feeling better.   
What do you do when you are feeling emotionally exhausted?

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