Monica is absolutely amazing. She helped me bring my thoughts from negative to positive and, very quickly, she helped me take care of the biggest thing in my life that was bugging me. I am so happy I took the time to do coaching with her. I highly HIGHLY recommend her and Life Saver’s Life Coaching to everyone! —Zack Powell

“Monica is professional and a great listener. She asks the right questions to get you to process your thoughts so you can get to the root cause of the challenges you are facing. I love that she went the extra mile to send me a recap of our discussion. Thank you Monica!” —Faithcaren Omongo

Every time I met with my coach, Monica, I had different situations that I wanted to talk with her about. She addressed each of them and tied them in to the bigger picture. I received clarity after each session and direction as to what I should do moving forward. —Pablo Samuel Zepeda

Monica has provided me with some great insight and strategies to help to be more organized and in control. She has helped me prioritize what’s important and what is just noise. My sessions with her were always productive and I would work with her again in a heart beat. —Olga Banys

I have had two sessions with Monica and they were the best two sessions ever. I hope I will be able to continue sessions with her. She is very understanding,  nonjudgmental, and willing to help you see whatever it may be in a whole different way. —Sara Kolling

Monica was incredibly insightful and easy to talk with. I look forward to implementing the solutions we discussed! —Julie Catherine