How to Get Relief From Stress

How to Get Relief From Stress

As we make another go-around with Covid, who is ready for relief from chronic stress?

Many of us have experienced a great deal of work-related trauma over the past year and a half.
Working in medicine was not easy before the pandemic, but now since Covid, it has become more difficult.

I know I am ready for some relief, but if you look at the positivity rates of the Delta variant, relief from our chronic stress may not seem possible.

When our chosen careers are not going as expected, and it is now negatively affecting our personal lives, how can we attain relief?
When we feel stress, overwhelm, frustration, worry, and exhaustion, how do we get relief?

To get relief, we can change our circumstances by changing departments, hospitals, clinics, or leaving medicine altogether.
We could change the way we think about our circumstances, and that does work, but sometimes that is not easy to do.

I want to offer you another way to get some relief from the unwanted stress of working in medicine.

This little-known secret is to relax into the emotion you are feeling and be willing to feel what you are feeling.
I know that sounds crazy.
Why would we want to relax into stress, frustration, or overwhelm?

When we resist emotion, we exhaust ourselves.
We layer emotions and we tighten up against them.
We try to push them away.
The more we try to push and resist those thoughts and feelings, the more they fight to be heard.
There is a battle within our minds and bodies as we push the unwanted away thoughts and feelings away.
This is where the tension and exhaustion come from.

This is how it can look.
I am so stressed about the number of patients I am required to care for or I am so stressed about having to work short-staffed or I am so stressed about a new policy, and now I am also frustrated or angry that I am stressed.
See how layering emotions work?
Now not only are you stressed, but you are also frustrated or angry.

What if you were just willing to feel stress?
Yes, it is our minds that are creating stress, and yes, feeling stress is optional.
But what if you were willing and able just to feel the stress when it comes and not also be frustrated about the stress?

What if you just dropped into your body and allowed the stress and took a deep breath if you consciously stopped clenching your jaw, relaxed your shoulders, relaxed your neck, and then your chest and belly.
If you stopped tightening and pushing back against the stress, I can attest that the stress wouldn’t be as harmful if we just allowed it and felt.

I know this tools works.
I am currently in a less-than-ideal work situation.
I have used this technique myself.
I have decided to stop fighting the stress that my mind is offering me, which was also causing me to feel frustrated on top of the stress and has lead to exhaustion.
I now relax into the stress.
When I feel the stress coming up, I sit in my chair, close my eyes, take three deep breaths, and focus on each body part that is feeling stress.
Then I deliberately target them and relax each part of my body.

This exercise only takes a few min, and it can truly provide the relief that is needed.
Relief is the air after we’ve been holding our breath.
Relief is relaxing and breathing and letting go of tension, letting go of what we trying to control the things outside of us, and relief is an escape from the layered pain we have been feeling.
My name is Monica Myers. I am a PA-C and an Advanced Certified Life Coach. This is just one of the tools that I teach my clients. If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or frustrated by your current circumstances at work I can help. I have the tool to provide relief. DM or email me.
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