Exhaustion is created in our minds

Exhaustion is created in our minds

When you first read the words “exhaustion is created in our minds”, I am sure you thought something like, ” No way! I have worked several night shifts in a row and I am truly exhausted.” This is physical exhaustion.

I am talking about mental exhaustion and overwhelm which can defiantly contribute to physical exhaustion.

“I have to” vs “I want to”

When I look at my calendar and I think “I have to”, it makes me feel rebellious and kinda pissed off. I don’t want to be told that I have to do anything. But I when choose to think, “I want to”, this puts me in charge and now I can feel the control that I have over my life.

“Everything is important” vs “Only a few things are important”

When everything is important then you do not have power prioritize and you end up feeling like running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

But when you realize that you have the ability to prioritize and then decide some things are less important and can just wait, it is empowering and actually creates time in your day.

“I can do it all!” vs “What really matters?”

We do not have to be super heros flying around with our capes thinking, “I can do it all”.

When you say yes to something, you then have to say no to something else, and the something else is usually you and your needs. Remember that people-pleasing behaviors never benefit anyone because you usually end up with less and gain more resentment.

“It needs to be done now!” vs “What can I do later?”

“It all needs to be done now” leads to overwhelm and a feeling of dread and doom. This is not permission to procrastinate it is permission to take inventory and use your best judgment to decide what is important to get done now and what can wait for later.

“Doing more = success” vs “Creativity and value = success”

“Doing more = success” is a myth.
If doing more were to equal success then there would be less failed business, less failed marriages. If you believe this, your calendar will be over flowing, you will always be running. However, when you create value and you but it into the world, that will lead to success. “Work smarter, not harder “is a true statement.

“If I say no, they won’t like me” vs “If I say yes to Me, it helps me to show up as my best self.”

This is a perfect example of people-pleasing behavior. People pleasing is initially so easy to do, but then it creates feelings of resentment and regret. When you say yes to people-please someone else it leaves you little time to say yes to yourself . What serves you best will help you to show up as your best self and that will then allow you to help others in the best way possible.

I don’t have enough time….

This is a very common thought and a constant foundation thought that most busy people tend to believe. But how does this thought serve us? You know, how when your eyes are focused and looking for something, you will see it.  Similarly, if you believe that you do not have enough time, you will then not have enough time. What if instead you believed you have been given the exact right amount of time, you will have it. Think how amazing that would be if you truly believed you will have the exact right amount of time. Think of the things that would happen Let yourself look for evidence of having enough time. Your calendar might start to open up and yes, you would have the exact right amount of time.

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