Self care isn't selfish

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Where does Self Care rank on your “To Do List”?

Is it a priority or is it one of those things you just never quite get to? We as a profession are already taxed and frenzied with all the demands of work, trying to balance that with our personal life seems impossible. Adding one more thing to the long list of “Have To” and “Must Do” is out of the question. It seems as though self-care is an elusive someday dream.

But what if it wasn’t as difficult as we are making it, what if it was easy and did not required a membership, or require you to get out of bed early and didn’t involve you taking time off of work or takes time away from your family. What if it didn’t take any time at all? What if the first step could be done while showering in the morning or while driving to work or sitting at your desk or while eating lunch or even while bathing the 2 year old?

The conversations that go on in your mind will ultimate determine how you feel. If you are constantly tearing yourself down or questioning your value, or complaining about the PT load or the RN’s or MA’s or your SP, or just having repetitive negative thoughts, what feelings are those thoughts generating? What is the story you are telling yourself?

This is just more than positive self affirmation (which is a good starting point). Take a step back to be the observer of your thoughts. What do you see? Are the thoughts and sentences that are running your mind ones that you would say out loud? Would you say what you are thinking to a PT? Then why would you say that to yourself? Are your thought serving you?

In order to be the best version of yourself it is important that you love yourself. This starts with being kind to yourself. The biggest impact you will have on yourself is in your own mind. This conversation can start with

  1. Finding gratitude for one thing in your life.
  2. Focus on what you are good at (you have made it this far in life you are defiantly good at something).
  3. Find something in your situation to curious about. Look at the flip side or just wonder the reason behind someone else’s behavior.
  4. Start loving yourself right where you are, just as you are. You are unique there is only one of you, you have inherently worthy and value NO MATTER WHAT!!!

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