Do You Feel Out Of Control?

Do You Feel Out Of Control?

Illusion of Control
As we enter the 18th month of Covid, it has become clear that healthcare is in a state of disaster.
We only lack in the declaration of the federal government.
As a collective, we are all feeling stressed and as if things are out of control.
As Healthcare Professionals, we work in a constant state of chaos, and we are very skilled at organizing the chaos, which gives us a sense of control.  
Naturally, as humans, we want to feel in control.
We have the innate desire to feel safe to gain approval and feel connected.
When these conditions line up, we feel as if we have things under control.
However, control is an illusion.
Considered it, there is very little that is actually under our control.
Most of us Healthcare Professionals are control freaks.
We thrive at taking charge and being in control.
But the flip side is that we spend a lot of time trying to control what we cannot control.
It is debilitating and disheartening when we get mad in an attempt to control other people.
We struggle to control the universe.
We try and control the government, the healthcare system, or our coworkers.
In reality, we do not have control over who shows up to work.
We can’t control what patients come through our doors, the number of patients we are expected to care for, the outcome of our patients, the implementation policies, the supplies or the lack of supplies our facility has, or the trajectory of Covid.
As circumstances in healthcare and the world become more and more complex, it seems that the tendency is to try and hold tighter and exercise more control over everything around us.
The more we try to control what is uncontrollable, the more we feel losing our minds.
Feelings of frustration, anger, and fear seem to take over.
There are a limited number of conditions that are indeed under our control.
We can control how often we work out, what we eat, spend our time, how much sleep we get.
We can control how we respond to those around us, the attitude in which we show up to our shifts.
We have control over our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions.
It is very empowering when we become present and focus on the only thing we have control over.
When we are intentional with ourselves and our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we will then have some degree of influence over our surroundings.
Showing up with intentionality and as our best selves having complete control of our present self is an invaluable tool needed more than ever in healthcare.

Knowing and acknowledging what we can control and not control, exercising influence where we can, and then letting go of the rest is an essential skill that will allow us to survive and thrive in our healthcare future.
My name is Monica Myers. I am a PA-C and an Advanced Certified Life Coach.
Controlling what is controllable is one of the skills I teach my fellow healthcare professionals to help them overcome burnout.
If you are struggling with burnout, don’t wait until you are at the breaking point.
Please reach out for help. DM me or email me.
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