Why Choose an HCP-Focused Life Coach

As Healthcare Professionals the world may see us as heroes. But the accolades and praise don’t change how you may be feeling right now.

A large number of HCPs like you are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia—AKA burnout. In addition to the day-to-day stresses, the toll of caring for patients with a deadly new virus has left tens of thousands HCPs with a real risk of ongoing depression and even post-traumatic stress disorder.

Like it or not, all HCPs are human and have human emotions. We have been taught, if not through direct instruction then through example, to suppress our feelings. We are instructed to be there and perform our duties in the most stressful times without getting emotionally involved—suppress your feelings.

This may be a good technique during a code, with a critical patient or an upset patient, or when we’re required to deliver some unwanted news. However, if the suppression of those feelings continues once the crisis has passed, the aftermath can have profound effects and take a toll on our own mental well being.

This habit of suppressing feeling tends to then also bleed over into our personal lives. This suppression of emotions is what leads directly to burnout.

A study by Sofia Pappa, et al in the Journal of Brain, Behavior, and Immunity showed that HCPs have a 23.2% incidence of anxiety and 22.8% incidence of depression and 38.9% incidence rate of insomnia. With rate of burnout soaring among HCPs, what is being done to combat this disease?

Traditional therapy and psychological definitely can be a beneficial route and have their place. But those of us who need help doing more than just enduring a career in medicine and existing in our personal life’s shouldn’t have to meet the DSM criteria for mental illness and suicide risk, to be granted emotional support that is needed.

This is where Life Coaching is a viable option. As a HCP of 35 years and a Certified Life Coach, I have an understanding of the inner workings of the Healthcare culture. I have first hand knowledge and now the training and tools to guide my fellow HCPs though burnout recovery process.

Dr Tracey O’Connell states in her blog of the same name Tracey O’Connell MD 

“Coaching by health care workers, for health care workers, who are trained and certified to be coaches, is the untapped and underutilized resource for providing the skills to heal our broken culture. By first and foremost healing ourselves, coaching has the potential to radically transform medical training and all of our experiences in health care. The only way to eliminate the negative stigma around self-care, HCP well-being, mental health, and the universal need for help, is to have such professionals integrated into all aspects of medical training and careers”

You’re here. You’ve already made your first step to burnout recovery and increased enjoyment of your career and personal life. I have the understanding, tools, and skills to coach you through your specific challenges as an HCP and as a complex adult.