This is no time for fun & games. Really?

“Fun” can feel like a dirty word in the medical environment, and for good reason. We are dealing with important, critical matters that sometimes concern life and death. So why should we be having fun?

We all know there are a lot of serious things going on in the world and in the work place right now. Some of us are employed on the front line and that can be a somber place, especially right now.

What would your work-life look like if you intentionally decided to put a little fun in your work place?

As an adult, having Fun is critical especially in our stressful and demanding careers. Fun has been shown to release endorphins, improve brain functionality, and stimulate creativity. All of which we need to be productive and will aid us in caring for out PTs.

Is it possible to decide that we will be the source of fun, even in our demanding positions as Healthcare Professionals?

What if you decided to have some fun by playing a simple game during a shift?

I know this may sounds too lighthearted considering some of the grim situations that we are experiencing with Covid, along with having to constantly don full PPE’s and always wear masks…but stick with me.

• What if the game during your shift was to take note of how many people say “thank you” because you showed extra care and concern? Then take a few seconds to recognize and appreciate how you feel when that PT has acknowledged your efforts.

• See if you can repeat a PT’s name during their encounter (people like to hear their names being said, it makes them feel important and acknowledged).

• What if you thought of your shift as puzzle? How can you rearrange the puzzle of charting and seeing your PTs during the allotted time, thus becoming more efficient?

• Maybe count how many of the PTs come in with their masks below their nose.

• What if the next time you have a cranky PT you decide to see how nice you can be?

• Challenge yourself to recognize and give at least one co-worker a complement during each busy shift.

I know these suggestions might seem trivial or unimportant with the climate in which we are trying to perform our duties. However, when we recognize that we cannot control the outside environment, we can identify what it is that we can control. We control our own thoughts, and when we learn to control our thoughts, we regain the power to control our emotion, actions and ultimately our destinies.

If our minds are filled with negative thoughts and chatter, that is what will come across in our PT care and in our interaction with our coworkers, and eventually that is what will become self destructive.

The point is, when we are able to manage our thoughts and minds, our own moods will improve. It can be contagious and we will be spreading something other than the Covid virus.

Are you willing to take the challenge?

What if you just decide to feel a little lighter at work and were able to smile behind your mask. It might make a terrible shift, a less bad one., or you might be able to lighten the load of one of your PTs or co-workers.

I know times are not light and there are some super difficult things we are dealing with, but what if you were the one to raise the morale of the entire office or department? Having fun with a simple game is one way to effectively manage and improve employee emotions. It’s also been proven to improve teamwork, build trusting relationships and increase employee retention.

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