The 3 Flavors of Life’s Difficulties

Part of the human existence is experiencing the bitter and the sweet. If we live long enough to realize that life will have ups and downs, then we should also learn to differentiate the source from which the bitter and the sweet originate.

The first flavor of difficulties comes in the form of living in a human body having a human experience. This may be in the form of an ailment you have been born with or one that has developed as a consequence of the aging process and eventually we all have an appointment time to meet our maker, none of which we have any say over. Part of the human experience is also living with the consequences of the environment such as earth quakes, floods, or tornados. Again all of which is outside of our control.

The second flavor of tribulation is inflicted on us by other human beings. In the form of abuse, divorce, loss of employment, being rear ended, discrimination, wars or riots. Within the second flavor is found the temptation to try and manage another person, by holding tightly to the reins of control, wanting to be in charge of another person’s decisions, action or results.
The third flavor of trouble is self induced. Much of life’s difficulties can be attributed to mismanagement of our own thoughts and emotions. When we learn to recognize the origins of our own thoughts we then take charge of how we feel and gain real strength. This is where we find true power, the power to control what is actually ours to control….ourselves.

It is disempowering when we attempt to control outside circumstance and other people. The one and only thing we are 100% in control of is ourselves, our thoughts, feeling and actions. When we come to the realization that by letting go of what is not ours to control and then take responsibility for what is ours to control, our own minds, emotions and performances, this is when we truly become free and then gain power to achieve our desired results.

5 ways to let go and gain control
1. Determine what is your to control
2. Focus on the influence you have over your own thoughts
3. Differentiate between sabotaging and serving thoughts
4. Create a plan to manage your thoughts
5. Decide to let go of what is not yours to control

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